Fine carpentry and cabinetry 

I specialise in built-in furniture, wardrobes, living room media units, libraries and more...

After working for a local property developer, in 2008 I have decided to start my own business. Now, with over 20 years experience  I am happy to discuss any project you may wish to have done. 

What sets me apart

I would like to say that I have an attention to detail, I like my projects to be as good as I would like to receive them myself. I am high achieving person and I always look for the best outcome no matter what I do. 

I keep my work area clean, most of my clients are either young families with children or older couples, so being tidy goes a long way. 

Custom design

I always discuss all details with my clients, so both parties understand what is and what isn't possible. I listen to the needs and desires of my clients, try to promote different options...


All prices are agreed prior to start by both parties, thats me and the client. There are no surprises, no extra charges unless discussed and agreed prior. 


I pride myself in being trustworthy. I always do what is agreed, when I say I can do it, you can trust that I can. I never start a project if I am unsure whether I can complete it to a high standard. 

I am also very loyal, many clients trust me with their keys, even when they have left for holidays. I always make sure the property is locked up, alarmed and if the client goes to travel somewhere I will even feed their cat.